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Electronics & Communication Engineering :

This course is of great importance today as the modern world is progressing in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineers in private and Govt. Industries manufacturing radio, telecom, radar special microwave instruments, telex equipments and various other industries. Engineers specialised in electronics & communication can get lucrative jobs in Government Departments and Defence Services, in addition to private sector.

Electrical Engineering :

Electricity is very important in each and every industry hence it is essential to rain the persons technically to work with electricity. Since each and every industry demands the Electrical Engineers, there are tremendous job opportunities in private industries and M.S.E.B.

Computer Engineering :

In present days computer plays a very important role in almost all industries and other service sectors. As such demand for trained computer personnels is increasing day by day in every walk of life. The diploma holders in Computer  Engineering can seek job in computer Hardware Industry Computer Service Industry, Consultancy Services, Desk top publishing etc.

The latest equipments of various kind will be made available to the students to enrich their knowledge in advance computer technology.

The students of computer Engineering also benefit themselves to concentrate more on other subjects with intelligence and perseverance.

Information Technology :

With the computers, & development of software information processing has become faster than human beings. An advance in communication has brought men in the organization together. Communication technology has facilitated easy flow of information technology in driving to a more lateral, team based structure with decision making being encouraged at the lower level .


Mechanical Engineering :

Today's world is of Hightech Technology, But the origin is the only Mechanical engg. Without support of mechaniacl engineering no industry will serve. We can say mechanical Engineering is the versatile brance.

As this course is available in few polytechnics in Mumbai region & having tremendous demand from students side for mechanical engineering. most of he polytechnics demand the mechnical Engg.

By Introspecting all the above points we feel & of confident that Mechanical Engg. is the most demanding branch & Must beneficial to the students for their developing career. On the whole it's the most demanded course for the students as it provides ample scope for self employment.


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