About the Institute

The Society has completed dedicated years of service in the field of education under the direction & guidance of Shri. R. S. Sawant Secretary who has played an important role in imparting education to a large number of students it's a matter of great appreciation that the overall progress of the society is very satisfactory, in terms of strength of students the quality of training and value based education focusing on discipline, national integration , upliftment of standards, encouragement for sports , fostering cultural value and achieving high percent results.

A Noble Work In

A) Education field :

• Best School award getting in the year 1986 in 'Dhadpadanari shala ' by V.V.Chiplunkar Director of Education Pune.
• State Award 'Best Teacher ' for the year 1986-87 to Principal Shri . R. S. Sawant.
• Special efforts were made to Improve Result of S. S. C. H.S.C. students.
• Infrastructure ( R.C.C. Building ) with all amenities for the School , college as well as Polytechnic.
• Developed school play Ground .
• The Students are trained in cultural and social Development of personalities and yoga activities.
• The institution has tried it's best to inculcate the sense of moral education & discipline.
• The continues efforts have been made to enlighten the students as well as the teacher by visiting the nature parks like dream land and others.

B) Social Field :

Since beginning Navjeevan Education Society's Educational Complex is doing yoman Service to the humanity under the guidance of the society.
• School RSP Troops have been worked in social service activities like Ganeshotsav , Navratrotsav , Mela , Traffic Control, Independence & Republic Day rally.
• Most of the students have been selected to play on the state level & National level sports competitions .
• Adopted 'Savitribai Phule Dattak Palak Yojana' for better Education to the economical backward class students and Widow's wards.
• Providing financial scholarships , Books & School uniforms to the poor students of Windows.
• It helps blinds, Handicapped, Mentally retorted children in coins and kinds , free help is sought from various social institution and agencies
• On and offen medical camps are held in society's premises with help of social club.
• Financial help to the students those who felt in eradicate dangerous diseases.
• The School & college have been arranged many social activities to help the Govt. in their national work like family planning programme & literacy.
• With the help of Global action club international and other social agencies camps have been arranging for many activities for Adivasi and backward class people to improve their social and economical status like group Marriages , Tree Plantation and agricultural related business.

B) National field :

Under the guidance and direction of the principal the institute through their students and teachers took part in collecting funds clothes and other useful material at the events of natural and social national calamities like
• Earth quake : 1. Latur killari Earth quake in Maharashtra State 2. Bhuj & surrounding area of Gujrat State .
• Famines : In Maharashtra
• Floods : 1.Narmada river in Gujrat State 2. Mahanadi in Orisa.
• Cyclones : In Andra pradesh & Orisa.
• Riots : Bhivandi - Thane riots. Bomb Blast in 1993 at Mumbai.
• Wars : Bangladesh & Kargil.
Thousands of Rs. Were collected and cheques were given to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra State .

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