Principal- R. S. Sawant
Chief Executive Officer Navjeevan School Complex
Hon Secretary Navjeevan Education Society


  • State Award "Best Teacher" for the year 1986-87.
  • Jewel Of India
  • Maharashtra Adarsha Nagarik Puraskar
  • Indira Gandhi Excellence Award
  • Vidya Saraswati Puraskar
  • Vidya Maharshi Award
  • Great Achiever of Education Excellence Award
  • International Gold star Millennium Award
  • Education Acumen Award
  • Bhartiya Shikshan Ratna Award
  • A Honoured by Mumbai Education Department on behalf of Serva Shikshan Abhiyan.

Philosophy of Our Founder

  • To teach a Child is to love a Child.
  • Individual attention to the Progress of the Students.
  • Believe in discipline and hard work.
  • Prove to be a fine administrator and developed producing both quality as well as quantity.
  • Is bestowed with all the good qualities and the career development of the students.
  • Regularity , punctuality & attentive ness are keys to the students success.
  • Earn success with wish.
  • Attain knowledge every minute - Achieve Success every stage.
  • Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievement.
  • Be responsible, be conscientious to achieve a success.
  • Delete words "defeat" and "failure" from your life dictionary.
  • Aim at excellence
  • Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached is the principle of our founder