If any of the statements made in application or any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his/her admission is at any time, found to be false or incorrect such candidates will not be considered for admission and if already admitted his/her admission will be cancelled, fees will be forfeited and he/she may be expelled from the institute by the Principal and prosecuted by Government, if necessary, An appeal against the order of expulsion however, may be preferred within 8 days from the date of expulsion to the Director of Technical Education whose decision in such cases will be final .

It is imperative that the student strictly adheres to the day of opening & closing of each term during the academic year.

The student must be regular in his/her attendance for theory and practical classes. In case the students attendance is less than 75% at the theory lectures and practical, separately, his / her terms will not be granted.

The student should complete all the term work such as journals, drawing sheets, workshop or any other assignment as per schedule.

If the student fails to complete the term work regularly and to the entire satisfaction of the head of the institution he/ she will not be granted the terms and will not be allowed to appear for the annual examination.